TEWKSBURY – Police Chief Ryan Columbus reports that the Tewksbury Police Department is investigating an incident involving a dead animal found on a car.  

On Wednesday, Oct. 11, at approximately 4:09 a.m. Tewksbury Police received a report from a resident on Marshall Street that she discovered a dead animal on the windshield of her car.  

Upon arrival, Tewksbury Police spoke with the resident and saw the dead raccoon, which appeared to have been run over by a car, on the windshield of the car.  

Tewksbury Police reviewed surveillance camera footage from the residence and determined that an individual walked onto the Marshall Street property around 12:30 a.m., with a black plastic bag and proceeded to dump the animal’s body onto the windshield and run away.  

The suspect was wearing light blue jeans, and a black watch cap with two strings that hang down on the sides.  

Tewksbury Police removed the raccoon from the homeowner’s car and properly disposed of it.  

Tewksbury Police are actively investigating this incident. Anyone who has information on the suspect is asked to call the Tewksbury Police Department at 978-640-4385.  


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