The Criminal Investigation Division currently consists of 11 Detectives who investigate all major crimes that require investigation beyond the patrol function, including (but not limited to) homicide, sexual assault, robbery, burglary, arson, breaking and entering, larceny, identity and other forms of fraud, juvenile crimes, assault and battery, and drug trafficking/distribution. Detectives are tasked with following leads/evidence developed during the preliminary stage of an investigation through to the successful completion of the incident. Detectives must also work with the District Attorney’s Office post-arraignment on criminal matters to ensure fair prosecution.

The Detectives receive specialized training in: 

  • Fingerprint and Footwear Processing 
  • Biological Evidence 
  • Death Scene Investigation 
  • Writing Search Warrants 
  • Eyewitness Identification 
  • Photography 
  • Sexual Assault Investigation 
  • Interview & Interrogation Methods
  • Drug recognition/interdiction 
  • Evidence collection 
  • Crime scene preservation 

The Criminal Division’s goal is to provide the best possible investigative service to our community. 

Members of the public who possess information about a crime or drug activity, are encouraged to contact the Police Department at (978) 851-7373. Those who wish to remain anonymous may call the Anonymous Tip Hotline at (978) 851-0175