TEWKSBURY — Chief Ryan Columbus reports that the Tewksbury Police Department rendered aid to a person experiencing a mental health emergency on Tuesday.

At about 9:50 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 29, Tewksbury Police responded to the area of 175 Chandler St., behind the Tewksbury Senior Center, for a report of an adult who had walked away from the Tewksbury State Hospital and was threatening to harm themselves. Upon arrival at the scene, Tewksbury officers, drawing from their advanced training and experience in responding to acute mental health crises, were able to successfully and safely get the individual to medical professionals without harm coming to this individual or others.

Although the Tewksbury Police Department clinician did respond, as did a therapist from the State Hospital, officers had to de-escalate the situation as this person held a shard of glass to their throat and posed a safety threat to themselves and others. This person repeatedly asked officers to shoot them. After repeated attempts to have this person drop the glass, they eventually did, and officers were able to take this person into custody so that they could receive the treatment they need.

“Our officers followed their training procedures and were able to help a person in distress,” Chief Columbus said. “I want to acknowledge the professionalism and compassion our officers displayed during this incident, and we hope all the best for the person who was in distress. These incidents are extremely stressful and complex, and I’m grateful to my officers for the successful outcome.”

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