TEWKSBURY — Chief Ryan M. Columbus is pleased to report that the Tewksbury Police Department spread cheer — as well as important reminders about safe driving — this holiday season by giving out gift cards in place of citations for minor motor vehicle infractions.

This is the second year that Tewksbury Police have provided gift cards to drivers who got stopped and warned about low-level driving infractions.

The Tewksbury Police Association and Walmart teamed up to provide 35 gift cards that were given out to drivers on Wednesday. 

Drivers who committed serious offenses were not eligible to receive gift cards, but drivers stopped for low level violations such as license plate issues were given a gift card instead of a citation, as well as a warning on how to correct whatever issues they were stopped for.

“We believe that every interaction matters and that we can leave a lasting impression on people by how we treat them,” said Chief Columbus. “Most people interact with police once or twice in their lifetime; we know they will remember how they were treated. Although handing out gift cards for those who are stopped for minor infractions is unique, it’s a way for us to show we are human and understand that the holiday season can be stressful. “

“We’re out there trying to create positive interactions with the community,” said Lt. Patrick O’Connor. “It’s an important partnership that we have with our community so we want to show them that we support them.” 

To view a video about the program prepared by the Tewksbury Telemedia Department, click here.


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