News Release

TEWKSBURY — Chief Ryan Columbus reports that the Tewksbury Police Department completed alcohol compliance checks at every licensed establishment in town and found no violations. 

In early May, all licensed establishments were notified that the Department would check compliance unannounced at random locations, to ensure that employees were identifying customers correctly.

The Department also asked all establishments to help police prevent underage drinking and provided each with a poster with the logo “No I.D., No Service, No Exceptions.”

Officers conducted checks throughout May and June and found every establishment in compliance. Some establishments were checked more than once. 

“The Tewksbury Police Department is thankful to the licensed liquor establishments in town, all of which are doing their best to ensure that everyone who should be carded, is carded,” said Chief Columbus. “Preventing underage drinking helps to prevent tragedies and we’re extremely pleased to find our business community working with us.”

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